When we look up into the dark canvas of the night sky and behold the far distant twinkling suns, we see our past and ourselves, for we are all cooled down stars. Within each of us sleeps the dormant imprints of our stellar birth and our bodies are a living record charting the endlessly unfolding, transformational, shamanic journey from lightness to dark and our glorious return to light.

The many faces of the One Being enable us to decide who we are under a given situation and to chose who we are going to be in the next moment of the eternal process that we call life. We are the shape shifters, the One and the many faces of the One looking back at ourselves.

I was God and she was he, all were one in trinity.

There is no past, no present and no future it is all happening right now in one eternal and magnificent moment. We are Starpeople with a heart that burns with the power, the passion and the grace of our ancestral origin.

In Shamanic Verses Volume One, we contact our ancestral brothers and sisters and share the melodies of our forgotten selves as a present for the now.

May our music take you back and remind you once again who you are, may you see more in another than they sometimes see in themselves, may you remember to love this Earth as you dearly love your own mother.

Learn from yesterday, live for today and look forward to tomorrow.

Listen to the music in your hearts, listen to the symphony of nature, everywhere, taste it and be touched by it, be grateful for the gift of the present moment and thus live fully in the present on a vibrant, majestic journey of...

...Joy, Love and Truth.