Didgeridoo teacher, collector, vendor, performer & recording artist based in London.

Colin sings Mongolian 'Khagiraa' (similar to the deep chanting of Tibetan monks) and in addition to the the didgeridoo he plays the jaw harp, Tibetan singing bowls, Tibetan trumpet, gong, crystal singing bowls, mountain horn, fujara, bells and chimes.

Colin is a seller of selective, wonderful, world instruments and genuine Aboriginal artefacts.

+447966 889 676

Has from an early age been interested in music, especially the spirituality of making sound.

Rami has devoted himself to overtone singing and the didgeridoo for ten years. Rami teaches overtone singing, Khoomei Mongolian throat singing, and western styles, as well as the didgeridoo, jaw harp, fujara, Tibetan singing bowls and gongs.

+447725 645 745